Supporting the programme and encouraging uptake

You can help by promoting The Children's Traffic Club London (CTC London) in general, and encouraging uptake in your local area through nurseries, early years settings and health centres.

CTC London promotes road safety and active travel including walking, cycling and scooting as well as public transport use. It therefore lends itself to integration with other initiatives you may be supporting to help achieve your objectives.

Because CTC London has been developed to be a very visual programme it is particularly useful where English is spoken as a second language, and can help embed road safety and active travel messages with this audience.

Nursery leaders

The successful delivery of road safety education can be greatly increased if there is a shared responsibility within the early years settings with parents/carers. Children will learn effectively if they are hearing the same messages within your setting and at home, so it is essential that parents/carers are encouraged to become involved with the programme from the earliest opportunity.

Twice a year, in line with the academic calendar, an invitation is posted to all London nurseries to enrol their class into The CTC London. To register your class just complete the online registration form, return the invitation by post using the freepost envelope provided or by email to hello@TrafficClub.London.

For those nurseries that provide information on the average ethnicity of their children, TfL will send you some FREE goodies. This information will help us ensure we reach some of our more vulnerable communities.

Members' packs are then sent directly to nurseries for distribution to their children to take home.

A specially designed Nursery Resource in partnership with Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) is available free and aligns the programme to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The resource is developed to help support you in educating the children about road safety and active travel with extended core resources for use in group situations.

The resource contains a Leaders Guide with a USB of online content, sample of the printed story book and a printed registration form.

If you haven't received your free copy, please contact us.


It is key for stakeholders such as Borough Officers, School Travel Advisors, and Health Professionals to support CTC London by encouraging membership of the programme in your local area. Your support is critical in promoting the programme by engaging and communicating with nurseries, playgroups, childminders and professionals who work with this audience.

The downloadable guide has been developed to help you target these groups who have access to parents/carers and their children. Within this guide we have provided information about the programme; what it is, how it works and an outline of members content. It also provides guidance on how you can make use of the 'Online resource bank' below for additional support to help promote the programme in your local area.

Please see link below to download your copy. There is also a PowerPoint presentation for you to adapt for your needs together with simple presenters notes.

Online resource bank

There is a wide range of supporting materials for professionals. Login to access these resources now.