Being a good role model

Children learn by example, especially the example set by their parent/carer, so it is important that as an adult you are a good role model for your child to follow.

As well as setting an example you can help your child to retain good road safety and active travel attitudes and behaviour by encouraging them to show you what they have learnt whenever you are out and about, and putting into practise the appropriate road safety and active travel message as a suitable opportunity arises.

Praise them when they do something well or remember the messages.

Top tips for key themes

Understanding what is traffic

Explain traffic is another word for lots of vehicles that are moving on the road and they come in all sizes – some big, some small.

What a street is

Talk about how often streets can be busy with people and traffic. Roads are for traffic, pavements are for people, the kerb is the name given to the edge of the pavement.

Always hold hands when out and about

We must always hold hands; if your hands are full get them to hold what you are holding, for example a buggy or bag. Children must also understand not to run near traffic and more importantly never run into the road.

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before crossing the road

Make sure your child knows where to STOP at the kerb; not too close to the edge, but not so far back they can’t see the road clearly. They must LOOK and LISTEN all around for traffic and THINK about what they are doing.

Use safer crossing places like Zebra and Pelican crossings or traffic islands

Explain that, where possible, we should always find a safer crossing place to cross the road. Make sure you still use the stop, look, listen and think rule. Describe the different features each crossing has, for example the black and white stripes at a Zebra crossing, red and green man signal at a Pelican crossing or traffic islands.

Always wear your seatbelt in the car

As well as always wearing a seatbelt it is important that your child is sitting in a car seat/booster cushion correct for their age/height. Talk about how it is important for the driver to concentrate, so we must never distract them.

Wear bright colours so you can be seen

If you are not wearing something bright then make sure you carry something bright like a white bag when it is dark or dull outside.

Play in safer places away from traffic, like the park or a garden

Explain what makes a park or garden a safer place – that it keeps traffic away from us, safely behind fences, gates or walls.

Different ways to travel around London

Discuss the different ways we can travel in and around London and their features, for example buses are red and we must press the bell to let the driver know we are getting off at the next bus stop. Talk about the modes of transport that travel on tracks, for example tubes, overground and trams.

Active travel

It is important to explain the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting – it keeps us healthy and fit. More importantly it reduces the number of vehicles on the road that can cause bad pollution.

How it works

At the beginning of term your child's nursery will be sent an invitation to enrol your child in The Children's Traffic Club London (CTC London). They will then receive a members pack which they should pass on to you.

The pack introduces your child to all The CTC London material. You will also find a unique Magic Code that gives you and your child access to all the online material. Just pop in your code and email address. To get your free height chart gift, just complete your address details during registration so we can send this to you.

In the online area you'll find fun interactive stories, games, songs and a progress chart, and reward materials your child can earn as they work their way through the programme.

There is also an App available for members to download free from iTunes and Google Play, which means your child can play simple games to help them reinforce the road safety and active travel messages.