Transport for London's commitment

Transport for London (TfL) is committed to reducing casualties on London's roads. This new bespoke version of the programme has been developed specifically for London and its particular road safety challenges. The Children's Traffic Club London (CTC London) makes use of current research and the latest technological innovations to deliver vital road safety messages to the capital's future road users.

TfL is committed to promoting road safety to all the capital's road users whatever their age; however research proves that a person’s attitudes and beliefs begin to be formed by the age of five, so the pre-school years are the ideal time to introduce road safety education.

Programme overview

Much effort has been made to ensure that the programme is both current with the latest research and relevant to its audience.

CTC London has been specifically developed by TfL to educate pre-school children, their parents and carers in basic road safety skills, making them safer road users of the future. It uses the latest digital technology to deliver the programme on pcs and hand held devices, whilst retaining an element of the more traditional printed books often used with this age group.

By introducing the concept of road safety at this early age we ensure that London's future road users understand the importance of road safety and how to keep safer when travelling around the capital.

The club also promotes the use of more sustainable modes of transport and the benefits of walking, scooting and cycling.

How it works

Twice a year, in line with the academic calendar, an invitation is sent to all London nurseries to register their three to four year old children in CTC London. Members' packs are then sent to the nurseries who distribute them to their children, for them to take home.

The pack introduces the child to all The CTC London materials. There is also a unique Magic Code in the pack that gives access to the online materials. There are interactive stories, as well as games, songs, progress charts and reward materials a child can earn as they work their way through the programme.

Key messages

  • Understanding what traffic is
  • Understanding the features that make up a street i.e. pavement, kerb and road
  • Always hold hands with a grown-up when out and about
  • Stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road
  • Use safer crossing places like Zebra and Pelican crossings or traffic islands
  • Always wear your seatbelt in the car
  • Wear bright colours so you can be seen when it is dark or dull outside
  • Play in safer places away from traffic, like the park or a garden
  • Understanding the different ways of travelling in London for example walking, cycling, scooting or public transport

Why we need to address road safety from a young age

Children learn by following the examples set by those around them, especially from their parents/carers, grandparents and older siblings. By the age of five a child's attitudes and behaviours are formed, so the three to four year age range is the ideal time to learn vital road safety messages and set what will become lifelong road users skills.