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Welcome to the Children's Traffic Club London.
A fun way for kids to learn about road safety, featuring...


There's 14 fun, animated adventures for your children to enjoy. Follow the friends on their journeys, as they learn to keep safe and healthy travelling around the great city of London

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and Songs

With over 20 interactive games to help encourage good behaviour around roads and traffic, there’s plenty to keep your child entertained as they are learning through play

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Follow your child's learning journey with our handy route map. See which stories they've read and what games have been completed on their virtual trip through the landmarks of London.


Meet up with our great balloon characters on your journey. Each has a message to help you stay safe and healthy when out and about near traffic. Collect them as you complete each task! Can you get them all?

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Free for all to download from Google Play or iTunes, so your children can play and learn on the go